Walk thru Inspection

After the initial Inspection, often there are areas of concern that needed attention.
It can be just a few minor repairs that are needed, or some major areas in need  of repair. Booking a walk thru inspection prior to settlement  is often a good idea.
Tips on doing this yourself
Make a check list from your report or summary page which includes the negotiated repairs.
Prior to a walk thru ask that the seller have on hand any reciepts for repairs
showing that the work was done.
If no reciepts were produced,say the home owner made repairs on their own,
then take a good look at the repair made to make sure it is satisfactory.
Repairs generally should be made by licensed qualified contractors.
This usually takes about a half hour to 45 minutes.
This is an added service that we also can provide, typically between $90 and $150.00.